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Frigidaire Mini Fridge Review

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Mini portable Frigidairepersonal cools and heats, 100% freon-free and eco-friendly, chill six 12oZ, 4 litter capacity pink colored. Perfect for personal spaces, boats, sporting events, pool parties and backyard BBQ and many more.

Key features and details of portable Frigidaire

  1. This product engineered with thermoelectric semiconductor advanced technology that CFCs making it better for the environment.
  2. Plug into car 12V outlet either home outlet both charges included in the box.
  3. Capacity 4 litter chill soda cans six 12oZ interior 7.5×5.5.
  4. Right door hinges 2 removable shelves to keep store items in some large quantity.
  5. Efficient radiator high-quality components rapidly increase the air volume all around.
  6. 2 adjustable and removable shelves and container baskets.
  7. Approved by CETL 100%freon-free for long-lasting durability.
  8. This Fridge goes from heating to cooling just with a flip of a switch, warm up to 150F at an ambient temperature and cool up to 30F below ambient temperature.

Pros & Cons Of Frigidaire Mini Fridge

  • These compact lightweight features and space-saving designed easy to take with you anywhere trouble-free
  • Magnetic self-locking door and sturdy top handle
  • Includes AC/DC power cord 110V outlet and 12V cigarette lighter.
  • Ultra-quite and energy-efficient innovative semiconductor operation
  • Door magnet little bit weak
  • Goes to slightly warm from the backside sometimes

Usage proficiency of portable Frigidaire

  • Usage for facial treatment: use the item for facial treatment, storing masks and skincare essentials a dreamy sized mini Fridge for girls.
  • Chills to pretty fast: the pearly pink mini Fridge has a smooth glass-front door ultra-fine and tastefully designed to match any room, shop and office.
  • Multifunctional portable: the cooler and warmer protect the shelves life of your precious item. Perfect for traveling, dorms, nursing homes and so on. The usage of a mini Fridge as a beer/wine cooler, storing the food, insulins, breastmilk and more to fit your needs.

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