Frigidaire Mini Fridge Review

Mini portable Frigidairepersonal cools and heats, 100% freon-free and eco-friendly, chill six 12oZ, 4 litter capacity pink colored. Perfect for personal spaces, boats, sporting events, pool parties and backyard BBQ and many more.

Key features and details of portable Frigidaire

  1. This product engineered with thermoelectric semiconductor advanced technology that CFCs making it better for the environment.
  2. Plug into car 12V outlet either home outlet both charges included in the box.
  3. Capacity 4 litter chill soda cans six 12oZ interior 7.5×5.5.
  4. Right door hinges 2 removable shelves to keep store items in some large quantity.
  5. Efficient radiator high-quality components rapidly increase the air volume all around.
  6. 2 adjustable and removable shelves and container baskets.
  7. Approved by CETL 100%freon-free for long-lasting durability.
  8. This Fridge goes from heating to cooling just with a flip of a switch, warm up to 150F at an ambient temperature and cool up to 30F below ambient temperature.

Pros & Cons Of Frigidaire Mini Fridge

  • These compact lightweight features and space-saving designed easy to take with you anywhere trouble-free
  • Magnetic self-locking door and sturdy top handle
  • Includes AC/DC power cord 110V outlet and 12V cigarette lighter.
  • Ultra-quite and energy-efficient innovative semiconductor operation
  • Door magnet little bit weak
  • Goes to slightly warm from the backside sometimes

Usage proficiency of portable Frigidaire

  • Usage for facial treatment: use the item for facial treatment, storing masks and skincare essentials a dreamy sized mini Fridge for girls.
  • Chills to pretty fast: the pearly pink mini Fridge has a smooth glass-front door ultra-fine and tastefully designed to match any room, shop and office.
  • Multifunctional portable: the cooler and warmer protect the shelves life of your precious item. Perfect for traveling, dorms, nursing homes and so on. The usage of a mini Fridge as a beer/wine cooler, storing the food, insulins, breastmilk and more to fit your needs.

Setpower AJ50 Portable Mini Refrigerator Review

Setpower AJ50 53 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge

Setpower AJ50 portable mini Fridge 53 quart 12V cooler car compact 0F_ 50F DC 12V/24V AC 110/240V for the van, truck gray-colored, RV road trips, picnic, camping, outdoor BBQ.

Key features and details of portable refrigerator

  1. Eco and Max mode: Eco mode for energy-saving mode while fast cooling at Max mode which is designed for outdoor limited energy.
  2. Advanced cooling system: the car refrigerator applied a powerful compressor 12V DC even down to off. Strong insulation keeps the inside items chilled after 10 hours powered off.
  3. Separate cooling system two departments: it could keep the ice cream and meat in good shape while the freezer compartment 44F cool down, vegetable and fruits keep at the appropriate temperature and avoid to be the ruined if frozen.
  4. Capacity and dimension (L*W*H): 53-quart capacity L24.5”× W14.5”×H12.5” will be easily fit in behind the car seat or in the trunk, to carry soda cans, beer bottles for outdoor activity or travel.
  5. Fast cooling outdoor refrigerator: portable Fridge and aluminum alloy chamber, need 15 minutes to drop the temperature from 70F to 30F to keep snacks, cheese, and vegetables fresh on the way.

Pros & Cons Of Setpower AJ50 Portable Mini Refrigerator

  • Three-level battery protection RV refrigerator
  • Plugged in from car battery or main electricity socket at home
  • Great capacity, USB cooler ideal for kitchen and office
  • LED display, electrical thermostat with fast cooling
  • Running incline under 30 degrees
  • Excellent cooling performance with minimal power consumption
  • A bit tall as 53L can not open in the car

Easy to use the portable Setpower

  • Home use and car: free AC adapter for the home socket (110-240)
  • Keeping cold 3.1 insulation: insulation layer reach (79mm) 3.1 together with its durable bolt. AJ series keep your stuff cool and fresh for a long time after turning off
  • Less noisy: 40 dB low noisy when start running provide you quiet environment
  • Warranty: 2 years compressor warranty and 1 year for other parts Warranty.





AstroAl Cooler/Warmer Mini Portable Fridge Review

AstroAl mini Fridge 6 can/4 litter thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer portable black colored for medications, skin care products for home and travel. Make the lifestyle fully adventurous with a core philosophy.

Key features with details of AstroAl portable Fridge

  1. Cool to warm: warm up to 160F (66c) 80F (30c) within an hour, 86F (30c) _40F (10c) within 2 hours, and keep cool up to warm 32F (20c) below ambient temperature.
  2. The capacity of 4 litter: 12oZ cans (6) store! Skincare, medications with ease; 5.5” × 5.4” × 8.08 inner dimension. 2 shelves makes the items easy to store separately. Moreover, removable shelves are able to keep items in large quantities.
  3. Engineering by Eco friendly: powerful semiconductor refrigeration is freon free chip and having a friendly environment.
  4. Plug adapter AC/DC: 12V cigarette lighters in vehicles and two plugs are included for both standard wall outlets; online run your Cooler/Heater make sure while your vehicle’s engine is on.
  5. ETL, FCC, RoHS certified: 3 years Warranty provided by AstroAl.

Pros & Cons Of AstroAl Cooler/Warmer Mini Portable Fridge

  • Extremely handy and useful for workplace
  • Space-saving design and easy to go with it anywhere
  • Sophisticated and functional offer to the stylish exterior and interior design well-planned
  • Adjustable temperature control and dual core-design
  • The fan makes noise when heating up
  • Warranty is not sufficient

Usage of the little device hassle-free

  • Fully enjoy where you are: after the portable Fridge has been turned off the cold items will stay cool for several hours.
  • Sleep mode at 25dB: may require at 25dB peaceful sleepy mode. Make sure that the cooler operates in virtual silence and you can rest easy.
  • Maximize space: container baskets offer you more space storage options.
  • Keep the product fresh and long-lasting: keeping eye gels, jade roller, DE puffing Gem remain clean and sanitary and keep away your product from bacteria

Aspenora Portable Refrigerator Review

Aspenora-portable freezer 37-quart 12V car/truck refrigerator with compressor LCD display dual zone for camping travel for trucks RV outdoor driving12/24V black colored. It is very useful in the vehicle especially no need to worry about kids being too thirsty for beverages on your car at traveling.

Key features and details about Aspenora-portable refrigerator

  1. Upgraded newly LED touch control: to choose Eco or Max and the battery protection is pretty easy due to the intuitive control panel. Bright LED display, with eight fast and responsive touch control studs easily set the temperature and the locking feature to stop tragic control. Charge from personal devices (tablets, phones etc) charging with USB whenever you need at a tailgate party, fishing, picnic or any outdoor activity.
  2. Intelligent battery protection and efficient cooling: 1.59 inches thick insulation refrigerator to maintain 10 hours cooling after turning off the switch. The aluminum core designed to make the running of the compressor efficiency. When the lower input voltage the compressor will be power off automatically at the minimum voltage.
  3. Detachable handles and drain plug: the dirt resistance is easy to clean. Adjusted detachable handle for fixing the freezer in your car. You can also clean the inner side with the drain plug.

Pro & Cons Of Aspenora Portable Refrigerator Review

  • Advanced technology includes two compartments
  • traveling and one smaller 6” wide refrigerator area
  • Removable handles to save more space
  • Touch intuitive control panel
  • Dairy/food compartment separated
  • Cooler cool down fast after unplugged
  • Instructions are the bit confusing

How to use Aspenora refrigerator hassle-free?

A very useful gift for drivers: useful for car/truck professional drivers to store prepared food in the freezer and have healthy and fresh food during a workout on the road.

Powerful and nice touch panel: nice touch of intuitive and user interface ergonomic design easy to set the temperature.

Fast and quiet performance: unit goes to cold very fast after plugging applied 12V DC powerful transmission. The aluminum walls spread cooling very quickly inside the refrigerator.