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AstroAl Cooler/Warmer Mini Portable Fridge Review

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AstroAl mini Fridge 6 can/4 litter thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer portable black colored for medications, skin care products for home and travel. Make the lifestyle fully adventurous with a core philosophy.

Key features with details of AstroAl portable Fridge

  1. Cool to warm: warm up to 160F (66c) 80F (30c) within an hour, 86F (30c) _40F (10c) within 2 hours, and keep cool up to warm 32F (20c) below ambient temperature.
  2. The capacity of 4 litter: 12oZ cans (6) store! Skincare, medications with ease; 5.5” × 5.4” × 8.08 inner dimension. 2 shelves makes the items easy to store separately. Moreover, removable shelves are able to keep items in large quantities.
  3. Engineering by Eco friendly: powerful semiconductor refrigeration is freon free chip and having a friendly environment.
  4. Plug adapter AC/DC: 12V cigarette lighters in vehicles and two plugs are included for both standard wall outlets; online run your Cooler/Heater make sure while your vehicle’s engine is on.
  5. ETL, FCC, RoHS certified: 3 years Warranty provided by AstroAl.

Pros & Cons Of AstroAl Cooler/Warmer Mini Portable Fridge

  • Extremely handy and useful for workplace
  • Space-saving design and easy to go with it anywhere
  • Sophisticated and functional offer to the stylish exterior and interior design well-planned
  • Adjustable temperature control and dual core-design
  • The fan makes noise when heating up
  • Warranty is not sufficient

Usage of the little device hassle-free

  • Fully enjoy where you are: after the portable Fridge has been turned off the cold items will stay cool for several hours.
  • Sleep mode at 25dB: may require at 25dB peaceful sleepy mode. Make sure that the cooler operates in virtual silence and you can rest easy.
  • Maximize space: container baskets offer you more space storage options.
  • Keep the product fresh and long-lasting: keeping eye gels, jade roller, DE puffing Gem remain clean and sanitary and keep away your product from bacteria

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